7. Juni 2015 Ursprungsversion

Tasks Plugin

The do plugin allows users to create simple tasks in wiki pages. Those tasks may be assigned to other users and have a due date. Tasks can be listed in pages as well.

Download and Installation

Download and install the plugin using the Plugin Manager using the following URL:

Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.

The tagging plugin needs the SQLite plugin. The toolbar button uses the calendar and user autocompletion from the Bureaucracy plugin, if present.


There are two new syntax elements:

  • <do USER DATE>TEXT</do>: Create a new task TEXT, optionally assign it to USER or mark it as due on DATE; there is a toolbar button for this as well.
  • {{dolist>NAMESPACE?id=ID&status=(DONE|UNDONE)&limit=COUNT&md5=MD5&user=ASSIGNEE&creator=CREATOR}}: List tasks in NAMESPACE with optional additional filtering


The plugin adds an option to the config manager, userpage. With it you may optionally specify a printf string for constructing IDs of user pages.