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Quality Check Plugin

This plugin automatically analyzes the current page and tries to identify possible problems with the page's structural quality. It doesn't analyze the page content but instead focuses on general good practices in formatting and structuring wiki pages.

The result of the analysis is shown as a quality score. The higher the score, the more problems where found. Additionally the number of FIXMEs is shown next to the quality score.

On clicking the quality info, more detailed information about the identified problems are given along with a few general statistics about the page. Problem descriptions are accompanied by tips on how to fix them.

Quality Scores and FIXME counts are also shown next to each document in the index.

These two (German) screencasts show the plugin in action:

Download and Installation

Download and install the plugin using the Plugin Manager using the following URL:

Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.

After installation you need to put the quality check into your template's main.php (should be somewhere above the page content):

    //Quality Control
    $qc = plugin_load('helper','qc');


The plugin adds a options to the config manager where the look of the quality bar can be adjusted.

You can set the color of the generated text to match your template and choose from different icon sets.

Disabling Checks on a Page

You can disable the quality check on a page by putting a ~~NOQC~~ macro somewhere into the page.

Currently Implemented Checks

The following checks are currently used to determine the structural quality:

  1. Number of FIXMEs
  2. No Main Headline
  3. Too many Main Headlines
  4. Incorrectly Nested Sections
  5. Many Horizontal Rules
  6. Many Forced Line Breaks
  7. Deeply Nested Quotes
  8. Single Author Only
  9. Very Small Document
  10. Very Large Document
  11. Many Headlines
  12. Few Headlines
  13. No Wiki Links
  14. Many links to non-existing pages
  15. Too much Text Formatting
  16. Long Formatted Passages
  17. Overly Formatted Text
  18. No Backlinks

Admin page

Moderators and administrators find a quality report on the admin page. This report lists the worst 25 wiki pages known to the quality plugin with their current quality score and FIXME count.