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ICKE Template

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The ICKE template is a two-sidebar, variable-width template integrating various plugins.

Download and Installation

Use the following URL to download this template:

Refer to template on how to install and use templates in Dokuwiki.


The template adds three options to the config manager:

  • tagline: A line of text below the heading
  • logo: The media ID of the logo shown in the left upper corner
  • user_ns: The namespace prefix for user pages; user names will be linked to the start page of this namespace, and logged in users will have a link to their dashboards (page dashboard in their namespace) in the left sidebar
  • tasks_page: The id part specifying a page in the user namespace which lists open tasks; with a user_ns value users: and a users task page at users:USERNAME:tasks, tasks_page should have the value tasks; optionally, you may specify a global tasks page by prefixing the value with a colon: :opentasks will link to the page opentasks for every user.

local directory

Moreover, the template has a local directory. There you can include local versions of various files:

  • images/
  • style.css
  • tools.php
  • namespaces.php

In the namespaces.php, the namespaces for the sidebar and the Fancysearch Plugin are defined:

$icke_namespaces = array(
  'namespace' => ('txt'     => 'Pretty caption',
                  'liclass' => 'Optional HTML class for the sidebar item'
                  'id'      => 'Optional link target if it differs from namespace'

You need to provide several images in your local directory for each item:

  • images/icons/60×60/NAMESPACE_inaktiv.png
  • images/icons/60×60/NAMESPACE_aktiv.png
  • images/icons/30×30/NAMESPACE_aktiv.png

The right sidebar contains the logout/login bar, the search, the table of contents and the tagging plugin (if present). Below, content of the page schritt in the current namespace (or below) is displayed.


Some plugins are necessary for the template to work:

The template integrates various plugins in the screen, if present:

For other plugins, the template has custom styling: